Backpack sprayers

The backpack sprayer allows you to reach the most overgrown areas for targeted treatment with herbicides or supplying nutrients to vegetation. Comfortably wearable thanks to the ergonomic backpack, it is simple and comfortable for use by both private and more demanding operators.

For selective and effective spraying of plants, vines and gardens, we recommend the SP 126, which is designed for intensive and prolonged use. It is equipped with a brass pump and chrome pistons for corrosion resistance and durability. The high-capacity tank and low fuel consumption engine allow lengthy sessions per single fill, while the jet pressure can be manually adjusted to match the type of use. The different lances available with multiple nozzles ensure wider coverage so that even large areas of vegetation can be treated within a short time.

The SP 126 sprayer is simple and safe to use thanks to the Primer and Lift Starter devices.

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