Professional earth augers

The use of a professional earth auger is recommended for drilling into large areas or hard and challenging terrain. Carrying out this type of work in a rural or urban environment, such as when installing street lighting, is a two-man job requiring a high-power tool.

The MTL 85 R model, with an engine displacement of 80.7 cm3, is equipped with folding handles for easy transport and an automatic safety switch to stop the engine if the operator loses control of the tool.

An easily accessible forward/neutral/reverse lever enables quick switching from one setting to another, allowing the bit to be withdrawn from the soil with minimum effort. The bits are interchangeable and available as accessories in single or double flute versions, to ensure more efficient penetration and facilitate the discharge of earth.  The tip and flute made of special steel ensure top performance and excellent resistance to wear. Even greater drilling depths are possible using extensions of up to 60 cm.

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