Wheeled brushcutters

Selection Guide

For workers who need to clear medium sized areas overgrown with invasive vegetation such as weeds and scrub, Oleo-Mac wheeled brushcutters are ideal: rugged, easy to handle and compatible with prolonged operation.

The Oleo-Mac WB 51 S6 and WB 51 VB6 wheeled brushcutterscombine high strength and manoeuvrability and are perfectly suited to intensive use.

Model WB 52 VBR6 is designed for professional use by groundcare specialists, in agriculture, and in any working situation that calls for the use of rugged machines offering reliable and consistent performance.

Both models are equipped with centralised cutting height adjustment via a control mounted on the handgrip, for the maximum operator comfort, and also rear wheels with a ribbed tread pattern for positive grip on all types of ground surface.

These models use the action of the 3 wheels, including the front swivel wheel, made of steel for model WB 52 VBR6, to achieve a reduced turning radius and the maximum agility when travelling over terrain covered with dense vegetation. The rear wheels are generously sized and they allow smooth movement also over the most difficult terrain. Model WB 52 VBR6 is equipped with a variable speed drive to adapt travel of the machine to the type of terrain and vegetation even accurately.

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