Trimmer line for brushcutters

Oleo-Mac has created a range of hi-tech brushcutter trimming lines made of flexible materials guaranteeing maximum resistance to wear and to high temperatures. Various models are available, including Pro-Silent aerodynamic spiral cross-section line, that slices through the air with minimal resistance, leading to reduced noise and lower
vibration levels. Greenline, manufactured from ultra-high quality polymers, and First line, suitable for cutting grass, scrub and brushwood even around stones and brickwork. Titanium, with double layer section, is the professional choice for every type of vegetation. Platin-Cut, featuring a serrated square section, has been developed exclusively by Oleo-Mac to guarantee the highest levels of performance and durability — up to 40% better than standard trimmer lines. The Saw-Blade Gold line is the outcome of many years research: an exclusive reinforced sawtooth profile combines the strength of a steel blade with the practical and safety advantages of a trimmer line. Also available are sets of 50 lines, for use with Multiline universal heads. Find out about pruner line heads and pruner attachments for a more exacting maintenance of green assets