Backpack mistblowers

Oleo-Mac backpack mistblowers are the ideal machine for anyone who needs to treat and disinfest trees, vineyards and kitchen gardens, by spraying with liquids (such as fungicides and pesticides) or powders.

Our catalogue presents solutions designed to satisfy the needs of either private users caring for small gardens or allotments, or professional farmers dealing with extensive areas.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, once worn, the backpack mistblowers distribute the weight of their contents, ensuring maximum comfort and easy movement of the operator. The controls on the handle allow the operator to manage the machine performance with a few simple movements, adapting them to the type of activity carried out.

Oleo-Mac backpack mistblowers are equipped with a variable power combustion engine, between 60 and 80 cm³, protected by a large paper filter that preserves its characteristics even in the case of prolonged and continuous use. All the models in the range, MB 80/MB 800 and AM 163, have a carburetor with compensator, to ensure optimal performance in all working conditions. The adjustable jet opening allows you to spray only the amount of treatment that is really necessary, reducing waste and needless loss.

The new model AM 163 is characterized by an ergonomic design in even the slightest details. The backpack is designed to restrict weight and machine oscillation and to minimize the vibrations transmitted to the operator. The controls are perfectly accessible and the handle is easy to adjust, even tilting forward, to allow optimal position of the wrist with the hose in vertical position. The jet is adjustable, for a more accurate distribution of the liquid depending on the vegetation being sprayed, and to guarantee homogeneous treatment. Maintenance of the whole machine needs only one spanner, compatible with all the screws.