Backpack mistblowers

Easy to handle, versatile and smart: high performance for the care of your green area


Oleo-Mac backpack mistblowers are the ideal machine for anyone who needs to treat and disinfest trees, vineyards and kitchen gardens, by spraying with liquids (such as fungicides and pesticides) or powders.

Our catalogue presents solutions designed to satisfy the needs of either private users caring for small gardens or allotments, or professional farmers dealing with extensive areas.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, once worn, the backpack mistblowers distribute the weight of their contents, ensuring maximum comfort and easy movement of the operator. The controls on the handle allow the operator to manage the machine performance with a few simple movements, adapting to them to the type of activity carried out.

Oleo-Mac backpack mistblowers are equipped with a variable power combustion engine, between 60 and 80 cm³, protected by a large paper filter that preserves its characteristics even in the case of prolonged and continuous use. All the models in the range, MB 80/MB 800 and MB 90, have a carburetor with compensator, to ensure optimal performance in all working conditions. The adjustable jet opening allows you to spray only the amount of treatment that is really necessary, reducing waste and needless loss.

The new model MB 90 is characterized by an ergonomic design in even the slightest details. The backpack is designed to restrict weight and machine oscillation and to minimize the vibrations transmitted to the operator. The controls are perfectly accessible and the handle is easy to adjust, even tilting forward, to allow optimal position of the wrist with the hose in vertical position. The jet is adjustable in 9 positions, for a more accurate distribution of the liquid depending on the vegetation being sprayed, and to guarantee homogeneous treatment. Maintenance of the whole machine needs only one spanner, compatible with all the screws.

Backpack mistblowers

MB 80 / MB 800

Backpack mistblowers

MB 90 / MB 900

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The backpack mistblowers are the expression of ergonomics and efficiency, to combine the best performances with operator comfort. The controls located on the handle are perfectly accessible, the tanks are particular capacious, and the aluminium fan is safe and efficient. The petrol engine guarantees reliability and a long working life, while the adjustable jet allows the machine to be adapted to suit the type of treatment to be performed and the type of vegetation involved.

Model MB 90 is equipped with a 2-stroke 5HP engine with recoil starter and it has a light, resistant frame made of anodized aluminium alloy.

1. Targeted treatment
treatment on every type of crop thanks to the jet opening which can be adjusted while working.

2. Access to the filter without using tools
for simple and frequent maintenance.

3. All the main controls are grouped together on the handgrip
for ease of use

4.Better performance at height
thanks to the standard booster pump which guarantees maximum liquid pressure.

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5. The standard ULV Kit allows targeted atomization of the sprayed liquids
for treatments without waste.

6. The limiter on the throttle trigger
is used to adjust air flow directly from the handle, adapting it to the type of treatment.

7. Maximum user comfort
thanks to the ergonomic harness and to the vibration-damping system of the frame.

8. The powder kit is easy to install
with numerous possibilities of adjusting the quantity.


Keeping your Oleo-Mac backpack mistblowers in tip-top condition is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow a few simple steps:

  • Periodically inspect the air filter, and replace if damaged; inspect the fuel filter, and replace if dirty.
  • Check the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap (0.5 mm).
  • Clean the fan protective grille periodically to remove debris and dirt;
  • Clean the cylinder fins periodically, removing dirt and debris with a brush and compressed air
  • Remove the exhaust silencer flame trap mesh once a week and clean to remove carbon residues.
  • Inspect the liquids filter, wash in clean detergent and dry off; clean the ULV filter by blowing compressed air through the six orifices
  • If very aggressive chemicals are used, check and replace the gaskets if necessary.

After each treatment, clean the equipment thoroughly.