Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

Air to keep your space clean and clear, from your lawn to your path: a solution for both home owners and professionals

Selection Guide

Vacuum cleaners and blowers are indispensable tools to keep all sorts of surfaces clean and tidy, from private gardens to large spaces in the country. In autumn in particular, when leaves, olives and hazelnuts build up naturally, the task carried out by blowers and vacuum cleaners is especially useful.

The BVi 60 battery-powered blower is equipped with an ergonomic handle, means a comfortable grip and a perfectly balanced tool. Furthermore the speed regulator allows the air flow to be adjusted to suit the type of duties to be tackled.

Gardeners or home users who need to tidy up flowerbeds, walkways and small/medium sized private spaces can decide to use a handheld blower, which is perfect for removing leaves, small debris or grass cuttings. The BV 300 model stands out for its low vibration for consistently comfortable operation, and a reduction in noise emissions, making it ideal for use in built-up residential areas.

Backpack blowers, in models BV 162 and BV 900, are the better option for clearing much larger areas, whether rural - such as hazel and chestnut groves, farmyards and forecourts - or urban - such as parks, stadiums, flowerbeds and roads. The BV 162 model is particularly ergonomic and comfortable: the backpack is equipped with a large and comfortable support area to minimize vibrations.
The use of blowers is also recommended for moving and compacting fruit and other produce as it falls from the plant. A conversion kit is available to turn the backpack blower into a professional mistblower easily.

Certain models can be converted easily to operate as vacuum cleaners by fitting the dedicated collection kit, with a shredder blade by which vacuumed material is chopped up to reduce the volume when inside the bag.

Battery-powered Leaf Blowers

BVi 60

Hand-held Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

BV 300

Backpack blowers

BV 162

Backpack blowers

BV 900

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Technology and Comfort

Silent, lightweight and easy to use, Oleo-Mac blowers and vacuum cleaners are valid, reliable work companions. Powerful and efficient tools designed to clear any surface of leaves, olives, hazelnuts and small debris: in private settings, to clear small areas (handheld blowers), and for professional use on farming land and in extensive urban areas (backpack blowers).

1. The operator is completely isolated from all vibrations, thanks to the “VibCut” professional antivibration system fitted on 4 steel spring dampers.

2. The rubber handle isolates the operator’s hands completely from vibrations and ensures a firm and comfortable grip on the machine.

3. The volume of collected material in the bag is minimized, by up to 1/12, thanks to the shredder comprising 4 steel blades fitted as standard, extending the operating times.

4. The dual finned fan fosters superior performance levels in terms of air speed and flow rate, as well as increasing the engine cooling capacity.

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5. Quick maintenance and increased durability thanks to the paper air filter.

6. The digital coil with variable advance and flywheel with a new fin profile ensure smoother running of the engine and improved cooling.

7. The ergonomic backpack, equipped with a large and comfortable support area, minimizes the transmission of vibrations to the operator (BV 162).

8. Constant control of the air jet thanks to the handle with throttle fitted directly on the blower tube.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping your Oleo-Mac blowers and vacuum cleaners in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these 5 simple steps:


  • After every 10 hours of operation, clean the air filter by shaking it out thoroughly; replace if damaged or worn.
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically; if soiled excessively, discard and fit a replacement.
  • Clean the cylinder fins regularly with a brush or a jet of compressed air.
  • Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap (0.5 mm).
  • Check the condition of the exhaust silencer; for the 62 cm³ version, remove the flame-trap mesh from the silencer after every 30/40 hours of operation and clean off carbon deposits.