Hand-held Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

Ideal to clear the garden of leaves and other small debris or grass cuttings, the Oleo-Mac handheld blower has a 1.0 kW power rating and it is designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The BV 250 model teams superior performance levels with silent operation, so it can be used in built-up residential areas.

The models also offers low vibration levels, thanks to the rubber-clad handle and the professional antivibration system, ensuring the operator is comfortable at all times. Thanks to the dedicated conversion kit, which is available to order, the appliance can be converted into a handy vacuum cleaner, with a 36 liter collection bag, thereby obtaining a valid tool to vacuum up leaves, grass cuttings and general light debris. The shredder comprising 4 steel blades fitted as standard enhances continuous operating times while minimizing the volume of collected material in the bag.