Backpack brushcutters

Oleo-Mac backpack brushcutters are designed to be carried on the shoulders like a backpack, to distribute the weight evenly. They are the ideal tool for sector professionals seeking a working machine that combines high performance with maximum comfort.

These models use an engine housed in a frame and have a longer rod than other brushcutters, allowing them to be used even on terrains that are particularly inaccessible or difficult to reach. Thanks to the ergonomic backpack with height-adjustable shoulder straps and lumbar support in breathable material, the operator can enjoy unparalleled freedom for working near ditches, escarpments and undergrowth. In case of danger, some of the models available allow the machine to be removed with a simple movement, since they have an innovative quick release system. As well as being particularly safe, these models are the easiest to handle. The new handle, that is rotatable through 360° and easily removable from the transmission hose, simplifies machine transport.

All the backpack brushcutters are resistant to intensive use over time, thanks to their technical features, such as the steel crankshaft, the piston with two rings and the large size air filter.