Multifunction brushcutters

As the name suggests, multifunction brushcutters offer many possible uses. Designed to satisfy the demands of both private and professional users, they combine the performance of different machines in a single tool. As well as pruning bushes, they are very useful for cutting the lawn, trimming hedges and blowing away leaves or debris.  Thanks to the applications that can be bought separately and to the “no tools” quick coupling system, changing the activity in the same work session is an easy and immediate operation.

The models in the catalogue are available with two displacements, Oleo-Mac BC 241 D and BC 300 D, both compatible with the same applications.

The filter support with fuel anti-backflow device prevents the filter from becoming impregnated with mixture and guarantees greater working autonomy between one maintenance job and the next; the digital coil with electronic control and revs limiter improves performance with uniform combustion and reduced fuel consumption. Resistance and a long working life are guaranteed by the structure: a piston with 2 elastic rings, a die-cast cylinder with nickel facing, a connecting rod and forged crankshaft.

The fluidity of movement of the rod offers greater operator comfort and the “EasyOn” device allows fast starting with reduced effort and fewer pulls.