Chainsaws and Pruners

For cutting firewood, for minor and medium pruning jobs as well as DIY activities, the electric chainsaw is the perfect tool. Its 2 kW power rating means you can perform even the most demanding tasks rapidly and easily.

Oleo-Mac petrol engine chainsaws are the perfect tool for multiple pruning jobs, for felling and cutting trees in the woods, in the country or in your back garden.

The battery-powered chainsaw is on the other hand the ideal cordless solution for duties with zero emissions in areas without access to an electrical power outlet, for users in search of simple, effortless starting, no noise and no need to prepare any fuel/oil mixture.

Pruning chainsaws offer an effective combination of power, ergonomic design and balance. They are ideal for professional pruning operations and other precision work, such as grafting or surgery carried out on wounded or diseased plants.

Limbing and pruning of small trees and preparing firewood are all ideal tasks for compact chainsaws, which are easy to handle and fitted with the technology of higher-class models.

Medium power chainsaws are perfect for cutting medium-sized trees. These models offer outstanding performance, including during intensive use, from gardening to farming.

For more intensive operations such as felling and sectioning large size trees, you will need a professional chainsaw, featuring a higher displacement and the necessary characteristics to ensure superior performance in any condition.

Telescopic pruners are recommended for cutting and limbing operations at a height, or on sloping or uneven terrain. The pruner bar can be adjusted to 5 intermediate angles from 0° to 90°, while the telescopic pole can be extended to reach the highest branches, at up to 5 metres above the ground.

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