Electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are the ideal tool for quick and easy jobs around the home and minor pruning tasks: from cutting firewood for stoves and fireplaces, to pruning trees around the garden and DIY activities.

The Oleo-Mac GS 200 E model is a compact, extremely easy to handle chainsaw, with an easy starting procedure and minimal maintenance requirements: it is the perfect combination of superior performance and convenient use. The model is fitted with a 2000 W motor which guarantees high cutting speed, so that even the toughest timber or branches of medium diameter can be taken on with total confidence. This model features ergonomic and compact design, with handles clad in soft-touch rubber to allow the operator to keep a constantly secure grip of the machine. The chain can be fitted and adjusted without using tools. The ergonomic “no tools” system means the chain can be tensioned easily in a matter of seconds. The large diameter oil filler cap is conspicuously positioned for fast and easy top-ups.