Earth Augers

Power, manoeuvrability and precise drilling in all types of terrain


Earth augers are invaluable tools for boring holes in rural or urban locations.

For drilling small, individual holes such as when planting vines or plants, we recommend a medium-power earth auger with a displacement of up to 50 cm3 and engine controls accessible with just one hand. The catalogue model, the MTL 51, is comfortable and safe: a safety lever on the ergonomic handgrip prevents uncontrolled acceleration.

For larger diameter holes and drilling into harder ground, such as when installing street lighting, a professional earth auger is preferable. These models require the presence of two operators and have an engine displacement of up to 90 cm3. The MTL 85 R model is equipped with a double handle and reversing gear and can also be used with smaller diameter drill bits by means of the supplied adapter. An automatic safety switch stops the engine if the operator loses control of the handgrips.

Professional earth augers

MTL 85 R

Medium power earth augers

MTL 51

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Oleo-Mac earth augers are ideal for sinking holes for vines or plants, greenhouse poles, fence uprights and lamp posts.

Our models offer high stress resistance under the most extreme conditions and in all working environments.

1. The ergonomic handgrip guarantees superior operator comfort
The machine is also equipped with a safety lever to protect against uncontrolled acceleration(MTL 51).

2. The automatic safety switch stops the engine
if the operator loses control of the handgrips(MTL 85 R).

3. The quick fit coupling
simplifies the installation and changeover of drill bits.

4. A wide range of bits
adapters and extensions ensures maximum versatility.

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5.The diaphragm carburettor
facilitates use of the machine in any position and without fuel spillage.

6. An easily accessible forward/neutral/reverse lever
Enables quick switching from one setting to another, allowing the bit to be withdrawn from the soil with minimum effort.


Keeping Oleo-Mac earth augers in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Clean the air filter after every 10 hours of operation or replace it if it is excessively soiled or damaged.
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically or replace it if necessary.
  • Periodically clean the cylinder fins with a brush or compressed air to maintain a good level of cooling efficiency.
  • Clean the spark plug frequently and check the electrode gap.
  • Change the grease in the gearbox after every 100 hours of operation.
  • Keep a constant check on the general condition of the bit.
  • Check the bit flute and pilot tip; sharpen or replace if worn.