Precision, safety and freedom of movement: all the ingredients for the perfect cut

Selection Guide

Oleo-Mac hedgetrimmers are perfect for duties in confined or hard-to-access spaces. Our models offer a guarantee of versatility and efficiency.

Our electric hedgetrimmers are practical and manoeuvrable tools, ideal for maintenance and cutting of small hedging plants. Quiet and lightweight, these tools are perfect for jobs in residential areas and in confined and hard-to-access spaces. Available in models with rated power from 600 to 700 Watts.

The petrol engine hedgetrimmers are designed for private users who need to tackle large size hedges, and also for groundcare professionals. Designed for intensive and continuous use, these models offer guaranteed power and precision.

The professional hedgetrimmers are designed for cutting and pruning hedges of all types, including large hedges with very thick vegetation. Oleo-Mac models are generally rated at more than 600 Watt to ensure the maximum productivity with the minimum effort.

Oleo-Mac is attentive to your comfort. That's why our hedgetrimmers are equipped with a 180° swivelling handle for the utmost practicality, allowing users to reach the most difficult areas of the hedge more easily with the tool positioned at an angle, also for working alongside walls.

The double safety switch and the structure in impact resistant material are designed to safeguard the operator and the tool. In addition, various standard features, such as the Primer control, ensure easy engine starting even in cold conditions.

Working on uneven and steeply sloping ground or on tall, dense vegetation: no problem for Oleo-Mac shaft hedgetrimmers. Designed for decisive trimming and pruning operations, these models are equipped with a double-edge blade adjustable through 180° with 12 intermediate positions. The tool offers a firm grip and the guarantee of a comfortable operating position.

Electric hedgetrimmers

HC 605 E

Electric hedgetrimmers

HC 750 E

Battery-powered hedgetrimmers

HCi 45

Professional hedgetrimmers

HC 265 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

HC 246 P

Professional hedgetrimmers

HC 280 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

HC 247 P

Professional hedgetrimmers

HCS 280 XP

Shaft hedgetrimmers

BC 240 H

Shaft hedgetrimmers

BC 241 H

Professional hedgetrimmers

HCS 247 P

Shaft hedgetrimmers

BC 240 HL

Shaft hedgetrimmers

BC 241 HL

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Technology and Comfort

Oleo-Mac hedgetrimmers offer elevated performance levels thanks to the powerful and efficient Emak 2-stroke engine and high quality blades. Lightweight, powerful and easy to use, these tools are perfect for tackling all types of hedges with clean and accurate cutting action, essential for the aesthetic results of the job and to protect the health of the plants.

Ease of use of Oleo-Mac hedgetrimmers is assured also by the Primer and EasyOn devices, designed to facilitate engine starting, even in cold weather conditions.

1. High quality blades with adjustment system, suitable for all types of vegetation.

2. Aluminium gearbox, drive linkage with pinion carried in bearings, and connecting rods with roller bearings all combine to guarantee long working life and low levels of vibration.

3. The EasyOn system guarantees rapid engine starting with minimal effort.

4. Swivel handle with 5 positions from 0 to 180° so the work can be carried out also with the tool at an angle (HC 246, HC 247, HC 265, HC 280).

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5. Large size paper filter for complete protection of the engine, even in dusty conditions.

The antivibration system
ensures total isolation of the operator's hands (HC 246, HC 247, HC 265, HC 280).

7. Optimal working position thanks to the 12 different blade settings (BC 241 H, BC 241 HL).

8. Maximum operator safety in electric models thanks to the double start switch on the handle.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping Oleo-Mac hedgetrimmers in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these 7 simple steps:


  • Clean the tool regularly with a soft bristle brush or a cloth.
  • Check the condition of the blade and sharpen it periodically using a special sharpener file. In the case of excessive blade wear, contact the service centre.
  • After each cutting session clean the blade to remove any accumulated debris and then spray on a light film of fluid oil to protect it from rust.
  • Periodically inspect the air filter and the fuel filter (petrol engine models), and replace them as necessary.
  • Clean the cylinder fins regularly with a brush or a jet of compressed air (petrol engine models).
  • Periodically inspect the spark plug, check the electrode gap (0.5 mm) and the condition of the exhaust silencer (petrol engine models).
  • Grease the gearbox/drive linkage every 20 working hours.