High-pressure washers

The power of water combined with the force of high pressure: that's the secret of Oleo-Mac high-pressure washers. The high-pressure washers are available in cold water and hot water versions: the former units are suitable for use around the home for washing small outdoor areas and vehicles, while the latter offer high performance for cleaning of large size areas and are ideal for use in professional environments, such as in the industrial sector.

The cold water high-pressure washers are available in various different models depending on the intended use: occasional, frequent or intensive. Models PW 115 C, PW 125 C and PWX 200 C are designed for comfort and practicality when cleaning outdoor spaces around the home, in the garden and in the garage, or for vehicle washing.  

Supplied as standard with a generous set of accessories, these high-pressure washers guarantee superior performance, versatility and continuing efficiency through time. Models PW 175 C and PW 190, combining efficiency with practicality, are recommended for intensive cleaning operations in outdoor spaces.

The Oleo-Mac PW 250 HC and PW 300 HC hot water high-pressure washers delivers high temperature water for efficient and enhanced cleaning action. These models are an invaluable aid for cleaning activities on large surface areas such as courtyards and covered walkways and for cleaning large areas of flooring in industrial environments. The hot water high-pressure washers features internal components in stainless steel and brass and rugged piston pumps, and is available with control valves and pressure gauge. These units has a vertical boiler with double spiral coil for rapid water heating and immediate results.