Battery-powered lawnmowers

Cutting the grass can be hard work, so it's essential to ensure you are using a machine that makes the job as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Oleo-Mac battery-powered lawnmowers are ideal for tending your garden simply, noiselessly and effortlessly. The elimination of noise emissions and air pollution, the compact dimensions and the absence of power cables combine to make this type of machine the perfect choice for small lawns. The models in the catalogue are built on a steel deck and feature centralised controls for cutting height adjustment, plus a 70 L canvas grass catcher with bag full indicator.

Capable of tackling areas up to 350 m² on a single battery, the Gi 44 P model has a double battery compartment allowing extended run time with two 5 Ah batteries. The Gi 48 P and Gi 48 T models are also equipped as standard with mulching kit and side discharge hatch. The double battery compartment enables the use of two 5 Ah batteries, providing sufficient run time to mow areas up to 500 m². In addition, the Gi 48 T model is also available with self-propelled drive, perfect for working on sloping or weed-infested ground.

Safe and lightweight, Oleo-Mac battery-powered lawnmowers allow you to cut the grass at any time of day with just a few simple actions.