Garden tractors

Oleo-Mac garden tractors offer comfort and high performance for the management of small and large open spaces. With a range of different models, our garden tractors constitute the most practical solution for fast and efficient maintenance of gardens, grounds and parks, even in the presence of uneven ground and dense vegetation.

For small and medium sized surface areas we have developed our rider mowers - small and compact enough to move with ease also around areas crammed with vegetation and other obstacles.

The side-discharge garden tractors are perfect for working in confined spaces and on difficult terrain of medium size, where there is no need to collect the grass clippings.

Conversely, the rear-discharge garden tractors are designed to meet the needs also of the most demanding professionals: advanced cutting performance and an exceptionally comfortable driving experience. Rugged, reliable and offering high cutting and load capacity, these machines are ideal for maintenance of large gardens, grounds and public spaces in which the grass clippings have to be collected.

The professional all-terrain garden tractors are suitable: for areas of up to 10,000 m²; for clearing areas overgrown with thick vegetation; for working on uneven terrain and on sloping ground where clippings need not be collected.

Thanks to an easy-to-install kit, some models can be converted for mulching mode operation: this system keeps the clippings circulating under the deck for longer, reducing them to a fine particulate so they can be returned to the terrain as a valuable nutrient for the lawn.