Professional all-terrain garden tractors

Rugged and reliable, professional all-terrain garden tractors are suitable for managing large size surface areas of up to 10,000 m². The APACHE 92 EVO, APACHE 92 EVO 4x4  are designed for clearing overgrown areas and dense vegetation, working on uneven and steeply sloping terrain in situations in which there is no need to collect grass clippings.

These garden tractors are equipped with various devices to facilitate the work of the operator, such as: the hydrostatic transmission controlled by a single pedal for travel direction and speed; the self-locking differential and the electromagnetic clutch on the cutter drive. The cutter mechanism is available in two widths: 92 and 110 cm.
Available engine displacements are between 570 and 627 cm³. With its four-wheel drive, the APACHE 92 EVO 4x4 model can tackle uneven and steeply sloping terrain with ease.