Petrol engine lawnmowers

The petrol-engine lawnmowers offer different characteristics (size, weight, functions, power, cutting height and cutting width), but they all share the ability to guarantee high performance, efficient operation and a long working life. In fact, the range in the Oleo-Mac catalogue combines all these aspects with intelligence, so each model is suitable for a specific application type, with solutions for the needs of amateur users and also those of professionals.

For gardens of medium size with level ground, a push-type lawnmower is a good solution, while we recommend opting for a self-propelled lawnmower to tackle long grass on larger areas or areas with uneven terrain.

Many of our petrol-engine lawnmower models are equipped with a device for mulching mode operation, whereby the grass clippings are kept in circulation under the body so that they are shredded finely. As a result they are distributed on the turf of fine particulate that constitutes a precious source of nutrients for the lawn.