Scarifiers are ideal tools for eliminating moss and weeds from the lawn. This operation, which should be repeated at least twice during the season, enables moisture, air and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, favouring steady growth.


Soil in geographical areas with a particularly dry and muggy climate requires scarification of the lawn several times a year, to encourage the healthy luxuriant growth of the grass.

The composition of the soil and exposure to severe stress are factors that affect a greater frequency of care activity, as in the case of clayey soil or soils subject to traffic of cars and other vehicles.

To perform the activity correctly, it is important to choose the right scarifier, for example considering the extension of the ground to be treated.

Oleo-Mac professional scarifiers are indicated for working on extensive grass surfaces. Model SCA 50 H is distinguished for his sturdy structure and powerful engine, which allow him to cope easily with even the hardest terrains.