The maximum loading performance and exceptional stability: Oleo-Mac transporters fear no rivals

Selection Guide

Oleo-Mac transporters allow you to easily carry heavy loads of various types, including heaps of earth, fruit, firewood or building materials.

The various models available in the catalogue meet the needs of both home users and professionals, with characteristics suitable for occasional use or intensive use, depending on the type of terrain and the size of the loads to be handled.

We recommend our compact transporter models CR 340 H and CR 340 K for practical transport operations over confined spaces and on sloping, in the garden or any rural area. Compact and manoeuvrable, these machines are designed with a 45° tipping body that can be operated manually and they are equipped with a completely expandable loading deck that is especially useful for loading operations and for transporting particularly bulky materials. The load capacity of these models is approximately 350 kg.

Users seeking a professional transporter can choose between models CR 450 and CR 560. Designed to stringent quality standards, these machines offer top performance in terms of load capacity, and a high level of operator safety even on steep gradients. With a reduced turning radius, these vehicles provide easy movements on job sites, in greenhouses and vineyards, guaranteeing perfect grip on all types of terrain thanks to the wide tracks. The telescoping sides facilitate loading operations and also optimise the transport of very bulky loads. The manoeuvrability of the machine is improved by provision of new ergonomic levers for the controls and the new reinforced and shielded braking system. The load capacity of the professional transporters is from 450 to 550 kg.

Compact transporters

CR 340 K

Compact transporters

CR 340 H

Professional transporters

CR 450

Professional transporters

CR 560

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Technology and Comfort

Oleo-Mac models CR 340 H, CR 340 K, CR 450 and CR 560 are built to high quality standards using exceptionally rugged components.

1. Power take-off for coupling accessories.

2. The extendable loading deck optimises transport operations, even with bulky loads.

3. Tipping angle of up to 50°.

4. The wide tracks guarantee perfect grip on all types of terrain and the maximum operator safety.

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5. The tight turning radius makes it possible to move easily around built sites or farmyards.

6. The rugged undercarriage with track tensioner sprocket guarantees correct weight distribution and an excellent grip on all types of terrain.

7. Rear metal guard to protect the safety of the operator.

8. Rugged steel chassis.
The centre of mass provides optimal stability during operations and on all gradients; the position of the engine and transmission makes for easy maintenance.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping your Oleo-Mac transporter in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these simple rules:

  • Always check the oil level and change the oil when necessary.
  • Periodically inspect and clean the air filter and replace it, if necessary.
  • Keep the cooling circuit clean and periodically clean or, if necessary, replace the spark plug.
  • Change the transmission oil after the first 50 hours of use and thereafter every 100 working hours.
  • Inspect and clean the brakes assembly periodically.
  • Adjust the lateral half-shaft release levers and brakes.
  • Periodically check the track tension.