Water Pumps

Oleo-Mac water pumps: readily accessible water power to irrigate the soil.

Selection Guide

Our catalogue includes both self-priming water pumps, and non self-priming models, and in both cases the units operate on the surface rather than in submerged conditions.

To choose the right model you need to understand the main features and have a clear idea of the aim and intended use.

A self-priming water pump is the ideal machine if you're looking for a way to provide frequent and simple irrigation of plants, vineyards and allotments.
Self-priming water pumps are centrifugal pumps capable of aspirating the air automatically during start-up and then expelling it so that the pipelines can be flooded with liquid. Models WP 300 and SA 30 TLA offer superior performance also in the presence of significant level differences, with running time of approximately one hour.

The Oleo-Mac non self-priming water pump is the ideal solution for pumping large liquid flow rates and for evacuation duties, for example in the building construction industry.
Our model SC 33 is equipped with a practical carry handle for easy transport and a solid tubular steel frame to protect it from accidental impact. Lightweight and durable, this machine offers generously long operating time.

The main parameters employed to classify our water pumps are the total length of the pipeline and the diameter of the connecting unions, the water flow rate, and the suction head, which describes the capacity of a pump to lift a certain number of cubic metres of water over a given height.

Self-priming water pumps

WP 300

Not self-priming water pumps

SC 33

Self-priming water pumps


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Technology and Comfort

The complete range of Oleo-Mac water pumps complies both with the needs of home users and with those of professionals, for use in agriculture and on building sites.
Lightweight and practical, but simultaneously rugged and exceptionally reliable through time, these units are designed for the irrigation of plants, vineyards and allotments or for evacuation duties.
Oleo-Mac water pumps feature a high suction head to flow rate ratio for the utmost flexibility in all working conditions and optimal efficiency, also when installed a significant distance from the water source.

1. Maximum efficiency without stopping thanks to the high flow rate of the pumps and the long operating times.

The plastic body makes the machine extremely low in weight (WP 300).

3. The rugged tubular steel frame facilitates transportation and protects the pump against accidental impact (SA 30 TLA).

4. Maximum durability through time is assured by the robust aluminium pump body.

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5. Steel crankshaft and piston with two rings for greater durability.

6. The capacity of the fuel tanks ensures long operating times.

7. Optimal suction head/flow rate ratio in self-priming water pump models (WP 300, SA 30 TLA).

8. Optimal suction head/flow rate ratio in non self-priming water pump models (SC 33).

Maintenance Guide

Keeping Oleo-Mac water pumps in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just following a few basic rules, ensuring you carry out all the necessary routine and exceptional maintenance activities:


Routine maintenance

  • Clean the air filter (steel mesh version) with petrol every 10 operating hours. Dry the filter and refit it (for the version with foam or wadding air filter, shake the filter media and clean with a jet of compressed air). Renew the filter if it shows signs of damage.
  • Periodically check the condition of the fuel filter (on versions with float-type carburettor the filter is located on the carburettor fuel line fitting and should be cleaned with petrol; on versions with a diaphragm carburettor, replace the filter if it is excessively soiled).
  • Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap to ensure it is 0.5 mm (on the 4-stroke version check the oil level after every 10 hours of operation and change the oil after 50 hours).


Major servicing

  • Check the suction/discharge value every 300 hours.
  • Inspect the diaphragms of the water pump under pressure at least once a year and replace if necessary.
  • Change the oil and check the that the water pump threaded fasteners are fully tightened.