Wheeled brushcutters / Flail mowers

All the power you need to tackle overgrown areas and woodlands

Selection Guide

The new Oleo-Mac range of wheeled brushcutters and flail mowers is designed to meet the needs of demanding home users and groundcare professionals alike. Distinguished by their rugged construction and cutting power, these machines are ideal for heavier workloads that involve cutting and removing tall, thick grass, clearing undergrowth or mowing along verges and the banks of ditches. All models guarantee the maximum operator comfort to facilitate a quick and effective job.

Versatile, extremely manoeuvrable and strong, the WB 51 S6 and WB 51 VB6 wheeled brushcutters are the ideal machines for home users and professionals alike, engaged in clearing overgrown areasof medium size, choked with weeds, scrub and other types of invasive vegetation. The ultra-powerful model WB 52 VBR6 is best suited for the needs of farmers and groundcare professionals facing extreme and continuous operating requirements.

Our professional flail mowers were developed expressly for heavy-duty applications beyond the reach of conventional mowers, such as clearing of overgrown areas, roadside verges, steep slopes, brambles and undergrowth. Our WB 65 HR11 and WB 80 HR11 models offer exceptional mowing quality and provide a definitive answer for major interventions on grass, brambles, branches, low vegetation, scrub and stubble.

Wheeled brushcutters

WB 51 S6

Wheeled brushcutters

WB 51 VB6

Wheeled brushcutters

WB 52 VBR6

Professional flail mowers

WB 65 HR 11

Professional flail mowers

WB 80 HR 11

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Technology and Comfort

Equipped with professional blades and cutting units, Oleo-Mac wheeled brushcutters and flail mowers guarantee exceptional cutting quality also when tackling dense and thick stemmed vegetation or medium diameter brushwood.

The flail mowers are designed to withstand impact thanks to the cutting unit rotor, which is mounted on reinforced and shielded bearings. The wheel lock release, brakes and gear levers are ergonomically designed and readily accessible. The flail mowers have a reinforced gearbox with a mechanical 4-speed transmission (3FW+1REV) and oil-immersed gears.
The large size rear wheels ensure smooth progress even in the presence of depressions and irregularities in the terrain.

The wheeled brushcutters (WB 51 models) feature 3 wheels, of which the front is pivoting to give a very tight turning radius. The cutting decks feature reinforced blades and a generously sized discharge zone, allowing the machine to operate efficiently even on brambles and undergrowth.
Models WB 51 VB6 and WB 52 VBR6 are equipped with a practical ball joint coupling for vertical and lateral adjustment of the handlebar.

1. The cutting assembly rotor is held in reinforced bearings to ensure the entire unit is well balanced and robust.

2. These machines are easy to use and ergonomically designed, thanks to the readily accessible levers cluster.

3. The machine is equipped with a reinforced gearbox with 4-speed mechanical transmission.

4. The large size rear wheels guarantee smooth progress even over uneven terrain.

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5. Reduced turning radius for the 51 series models, equipped with two rear wheels and a single front pivoting wheel.

6. Reinforced blades for chopping even the densest vegetation, brambles and undergrowth.

7. Adjustable handlebars (WB 51 VB6, WB 52 VBR6).

8. Reinforced steel cutting deck, with large discharge area for the expulsion of cut vegetation.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping your Oleo-Mac wheeled brushcutter and flail mower in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these 7 simple steps:

  1. Before you start using the machine, make sure the cooling air intake area and the engine cylinder are not obstructed by debris.
  2. After using the machine clean the cutter assembly housing thoroughly and remove any vegetation from around the engine.
  3. Make sure the blade is always sharp, to obtain the cleanest possible cut.
  4. Change the blade brake gasket every 100 working hours.
  5. Lubricate the bearings, axles, front and rear wheels, and chain every 25 working hours.
  6. Check the oil level at least once every 100 working hours.
  7. Sharpen and balance the blade every 20 working hours.