Professional flail mowers

Professional flail mowers: power without limits

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Oleo-Mac models WB 65 HR11 and WB 80 HR11 are professional flail mowers designed for radical operations on grass, brambles, branches, low vegetation, scrub and undergrowth. These machines are ideal for heavy-duty applications that are beyond the reach of conventional mowers, such as clearing of overgrown areas, roadside verges, steep slopes, brambles and undergrowth.

The professional cutting unit with 38/46 Y-shaped flails offers exceptional cutting quality, while the pivoting and lockable front wheels, fitted on model WB 80 HR11, make it possible to maintain the required cutting trajectory also when working in the proximity of steeply sloping terrain.

Powerful and unstoppable, these machines are equipped with a reinforced gearbox with a mechanical 4-speed transmission (3+1) and oil-immersed gears. The cutting unit rotor, mounted on reinforced and shielded bearings, ensures the entire assembly is balanced and resistant to impact.

Technology proceeds in hand in hand with ergonomics: these models have comfortable handlebars with height and lateral adjustment, and the wheel release, brakes and gearbox control levers all grouped together and within easy reach.

Professional flail mowers

WB 65 HR 11

Professional flail mowers

WB 80 HR 11

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