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Spring is approaching and you are probably already thinking about how to tidy up your garden, and even expand your power tool collection. Why not purchase a battery-powered device? In recent years the performance of battery-powered machines has improved by around 90%, thanks to the introduction of lithium batteries and advanced technology, which allow hobbyists and professionals to work to a high standard. As a result, more and more brands are launching entire ranges based on this eco-friendly and innovative power source.

Battery-powered chainsaws, hedgetrimmers, blowers, lawnmowers and brushcutters

are now commonly available. But what advantages do these devices offer? Let's take a look.

Comfort and freedom of movement

The complete absence of electric cables makes these machines perfect for working far from power outlets, so you can move around safely with no restrictions.

Quiet operation

Battery-powered tools are extremely quiet running and emit very low vibrations: this allows you to work at any time of day, without fear of disturbing the neighbours.

Respect for the environment

Being electrical devices, battery-powered tools do not emit CO2 or harmful gases into the air, making them completely eco-friendly.


Battery-powered devices are lightweight, manageable and switch on at the touch of a button, allowing you to work in total safety and comfort.


On average, battery-powered tools cost more than petrol-engine tools, but save you time and money in the long term because there are no fuel or oil costs, and the battery can be recharged for years before needing to be replaced.

Oleo-Mac battery-powered tools for your garden

Recently Oleo-Mac also launched its own line of battery-powered tools.


A revolutionary range of fully electric devices that offer the same performance as medium-powered petrol-engine tools, together with unmatched convenience and easy use.


One example is the BCi 30 battery-powered brushcutter, which is lightweight, easy to use and reliable for lawn cutting, replicating the effectiveness of classic brushcutters.

Then there is the HCi 45 battery-powered hedgetrimmer, a marvel of precision and efficiency featuring high-quality blades that allow you to prune your hedges to the highest standard, without the encumbrance of cables and with a battery life of up to two hours.

What makes Oleo-Mac battery-powered tools so special? The battery, of course.

Available in two different sizes, Bi 2.5 OM and Bi 5.0 OM batteries deliver constant performance and full power until the charge is completely exhausted. What’s more, they have the same dimensions, so they are perfectly interchangeable and can be used on different devices, for various types of task.

This innovative solution owes much to the CRG charger, which has an ABS body to shield batteries from accidental impact, protecting their useful life and reducing the consumption of current necessary for charging.

Discover the battery-powered products that best suit your needs on

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