How to disassemble and sharpen a lawnmower blade

The better it cuts, the healthier your lawn

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Mower blades lose their sharpness the more they cut. This affects cutting quality and evenness, and consequently the look and health of the lawn, which may turn yellow and become more vulnerable to disease.

Check the condition of the blade periodically, paying attention to any risk of injury, so make sure you are working safely before you set to work:

  • Remove the grass-catcher and tilt the mower backward, without tipping it over.

  • Check the condition of the two cutting edges and verify that they do not show any pronounced wear or slight chipping.

  • Check the general condition of the blade: any damage or impact damage indicates the need to replace the cutting apparatus. Failure to replace the cutting attachment could lead to dangerous consequences for the operator.

Maintenance of the cutting blade requires professionalism and specific equipment for correct sharpening and subsequent balancing.

Correct positioning of the blade hub and tightening to specification with a torque spanner guarantee the safety requirements of your mower.

For these reasons these operations must be carried out by an authorised centre, which will replace it with original spare parts in the event of deformation or excessive wear.

How often should you sharpen a mower blade? In principle, at the end of every season, but whenever you do lawnmower maintenance, always take the opportunity to check the condition of the blade.

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