How to prepare fuel mixture for your chainsaw

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Would you like to prepare fuel mixture for your chainsaw, but don’t know where to start? By following our simple and effective guide, you will be able to formulate a balanced petrol/oil mixture in just a few steps, injecting power and durability into your cutting tasks.

1. Choose high-quality oil and petrol

As with any home-made product, the key to making a mixture that beats factory-made formulas is to use high-quality raw materials. So, to create a perfect mixture for chainsaws, you will need to start with an extremely pure petrol base such as OLEO-Alkilate and combine it with an equally good oil that is suitable for your particular chainsaw model.

Since all chainsaws are equipped with 2-stroke engines, like the GS 370 or the GST 250, opt for a synthetic oil such as PROSINT 2 EVO or EUROSINT 2, which has superior lubricating power even at high temperatures, and generates low levels of smoke and ash.

2. Prepare your mixing gear

If you don’t have any fuel bottles, get yourself a measuring cup to accurately measure the quantity of oil that you will need to add to the petrol for making up your mixture, or alternatively buy a graduated syringe from your local pharmacy.

Don’t forget to keep a tank (better if approved according to BAM regulations): instead of pouring the ingredients directly into the tank, it is better to mix them in a bigger receptacle, so that you can mix them with the utmost precision.

3. Check the percentage of oil needed to make your chainsaw run smoothly

At this point you will be wondering what ratio of mixture is suitable for your chainsaw. The truth is that it no ratio works for every model: it very much depends on the specific device. We therefore recommend that you check this specification in the manual supplied by your chainsaw’s manufacturer and adjust your formula accordingly.

4. Mix the liquids and add a special additive

After you have checked the percentages of oil and petrol and poured them into the container, shake the container repeatedly to prevent the two liquids from separating. Finally, add a special additive to the fuel, such as Additix 2000. It will help to stop the mixture from degrading, besides protecting the fuel system against rust and corrosion.

After checking that the engine is switched off, you can then refuel your machine.

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