Oleo-Mac turns 50, celebrate with us!

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We start the year with great news: 2022 marks 50 years in business for Oleo-Mac, half a century of experience that we want to celebrate with the dealers and customers who have made it possible for us to reach such an important milestone. 


The event slogan Trust for the future underlines how the word "trust" is the key element in our present, past and above all our future: today as we look ahead, we trust in tomorrow because we are excited by the prospect of designing increasingly innovative new products. 


Let's check out at the event schedule.


A website dedicated to the 50th anniversary 

Oleo-Mac 50, the web page created for the initiative, will remain online throughout the year. There you will find a presentation of our limited-edition celebratory collection featuring the most iconic Oleo-Mac product models, a timeline retracing the stages and successes in our history, and a bulletin board which will be constantly updated with posts relating to the event.

The content won’t just be created by us: anyone can actively contribute to the celebration on their social media profiles, particularly Instagram, using the hashtag #oleomac50 to share photos and experiences of everything to do with green spaces. During the year we will also be providing free mini guides and useful tips on caring for green spaces. Start following us on Instagram to find out more.


Sales outlets

From dealer stores you can buy chainsaws, lawnmowers and brushcutters in our limited-edition collection, which will be soon showcased on our product website, and get exclusive gifts created to mark our 50th anniversary. 


Celebrate with us and follow us on our social media channel, anniversary web page and product website

Stay up to date to follow all the news about the event. 


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