Three secrets to watering your garden the right way

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You have a beautiful garden, but does the grass always seem greener in your neighbour’s backyard? You might not believe it, but sometimes adhering to a few simple rules during irrigation can turn your lawn into a work of art.

By following our three top tips, you can have a fabulous garden in a few weeks, without having to wave a magic wand. Let's begin!


  1. Water in the morning

    If you are watering the garden manually, it is very important to take timing and sun exposure into account: doing it early in the morning will wash away the condensation that has built up overnight, avoiding the onset of lawn diseases.


    Moreover, the temperature usually doesn’t peak in the early hours of the day, allowing the soil to absorb the water easily without any risk of it evaporating.

  2. Water frequently

    If you want your garden to sparkle in all its glory, remember to water it often—especially in summer—and pay particular attention to the areas most exposed to the sun. Don’t overdo it though, once a day is sufficient on average.


  3. Water deeply

    Many people believe that spraying their lawn little and often, especially in hot weather, helps to keep it green and healthy for longer.


    In fact the opposite is true: this approach actually ends up moistening only the surface layer of the grass, resulting in the water evaporating immediately and preventing the roots from developing, by sinking deeper in search of moisture.


    The most advisable approach is to water the lawn heavily and let it dry out completely before repeating the process.

    The importance of tools

    Now that we’ve seen how to water the garden properly, let's list the tools that are essential for textbook lawn irrigation: having an effective system and high-quality irrigation pumps will actually make your job much easier.


    In this sense you can invest in a self-priming fuel-powered water pump that will allow you to quickly and frequently water plants, as well as vineyards and allotments.


    Being a centrifugal hydraulic pump, it automatically sucks in air during start-up and then expels it, drawing water into the pipes.
    The WP 300 and SA 30 TLA models guarantee high performance, even in gardens with considerable differences in ground level.


    To fully benefit from the features of this tool without losing power, we also recommend purchasing the right spare parts and accessories from the outset, such as the 1” fittings kit with corresponding gaskets and the water filter with 1” fitting.

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