Rotary Tillers

Sturdy and reliable, Oleo-Mac rotary tillers prepare the soil for cultivating plots of land, both large and small

Selection Guide

Rotary tillers are designed to revive, soften and prepare the soil for sowing on both small and large plots of land.

Oleo-Mac offers an exhaustive range of rotary tillers: small models, for home users who need to tend to their allotment or garden, and medium power models for more demanding users and for professionals working on mid-sized plots of land.

The Oleo-Mac MH 130 small rotary tiller, which is compact and easy to handle, is ideal for a variety of routine jobs, such as preparing the soil for grass seeding or digging furrows to plant flowers, shrubs and vegetables. The versatility of this tool means it can also be used for clearing jobs, thanks to the roller brushes which are available as an accessory.

Medium power rotary tillers feature various characteristics depending on the model.
The MH 175 RKS offers an excellent combination of manoeuvrability, light weight and user-friendliness. It is ideal for home gardeners who need to soften up the soil for seeding.

Designed for intensive duties on medium-sized allotments, gardens and plots, the model available in the catalogue (MH 198 RKS) combine manoeuvrability, strength and superior performance. These rotary tillers are ideal for convenient use in small spaces or around low height plants.

Compact rotary tillers

MH 130

Medium power rotary tillers

MH 175 RK

Medium power rotary tillers

MH 175 RKS

Medium power rotary tillers

MH 198 RK

Medium power rotary tillers

MH 198 RKS

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Technology and Comfort

Oleo-Mac rotary tillers are sturdy and reliable, easy to handle and user-friendly. Safe and built using materials designed to ensure durability and strength, Oleo-Mac rotary tillers are a valuable helpmate for gardeners, farmers and landscapers working on mid-sized plots of land. The models recommended for home users are equipped with 80 cm wide rotors and driven by overhead valve (OHV) engines with displacement of up to 200 cm³.
To offer greater comfort, some models are fitted with adjustable handlebars, both height-adjustable, to adapt to the operator’s stature, as well as with lateral adjustment to work alongside crop rows without walking over already tilled soil.
Our models can be teamed with several accessories, such as the adjustable furrower and the steel or tyred wheels, to transform the machine into a multipurpose tool for use in allotments and gardens.

1. The transmission cover is reinforced to withstand stones and accidental impact.

2. The front transport wheel can be lifted clear off the ground.

3. The OHV engines supplied as standard ensure optimal performance and limited fuel consumption.

4. Ergonomic external gear shifter that is readily accessible.

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5. Handlebars are adjustable in any position (MH 175, MH 198).

6. Towing hitch (MH 175, MH 198).

7. Transmission with gears in oil-bath, highly resistant and very low maintenance (MH 198).

8. Wide range of accessories to use the rotary tiller as a plough, a scarifier or a rotary brush, available depending on the chosen model.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping your Oleo-Mac rotary tillers in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these few simple steps:


  • Change the engine oil every 6 months or after 50 hours of operation.
  • Check the fuel filter and replace it if it is damaged or excessively soiled.
  • Clean the air filter and replace it periodically.
  • Keep the cooling circuit clean and periodically clean or replace the spark plug.
  • Clean the cylinder fins periodically by brushing, or blasting with compressed air.
  • Periodically oil the articulations, control cables and belt tensioner support pin.
  • Periodically check the condition of the blades and choose whether to proceed with sharpening or replacement.
  • Check the tightening torque of the threaded fasteners, especially those securing the rotor, at least once every season.
  • Check and adjust cables, tensioner and drive control.