Rotary Tillers

Rotary tillers are designed to revive, soften and prepare the soil for sowing on both small and large plots of land. Oleo-Mac offers an exhaustive range of rotary tillers: small models, for home users who need to tend to their allotment or garden, and medium power models for more demanding users and for professionals working on mid-sized plots of land.

The Oleo-Mac MH 155 K small rotary tiller, which is compact and easy to handle, is ideal for a variety of routine jobs, such as preparing the soil for grass seeding or plant flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

Medium power rotary tillers feature various characteristics depending on the model.
The MH 175 RKS offers an excellent combination of manoeuvrability, light weight and user-friendliness. It is ideal for home gardeners who need to soften up the soil for seeding.

Designed for intensive duties on medium-sized allotments, gardens and plots, the model available in the catalogue (MH 198 RKS) combine manoeuvrability, strength and superior performance. These rotary tillers are ideal for convenient use in small spaces or around low height plants.