Medium power rotary tillers

The MH 175 RKS model is the ideal medium power rotary tiller for home users who need to prepare soft soils for sowing, and for tilling and weeding a small domestic vegetable garden. This model offers an excellent combination of manoeuvrability, light weight and user-friendliness. The belt transmission system with chain and oil bath lubrication guarantees the utmost reliability, while the sturdy steel structure and the reinforced chain guard protect the transmission from damage caused by stones and impact.

The Oleo-Mac MH 198 RKS is designed for more demanding users working on mid-sized plots of land, allotments or gardens.
These models combine manoeuvrability with superior performance. Compact and light-weight, they are ideal for convenient use in small spaces or around low height plants. The fully height and width adjustable handlebars and the front transport wheel ensure greater comfort during use on any terrain.

Oleo-Mac rotary tillers are equipped with extremely practical accessories, devised for various uses: furrowers and ploughs are perfect for deep furrowing of hard and uncultivated terrain and to prepare the ground for tillage; the side transport wheels facilitate travel over difficult terrain or they can be used for other tillage operations.