Compact rotary tillers

Oleo-Mac small rotary tillers: compact, manoeuvrable and versatile

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Designed for home users who need to tend to small vegetable plots and gardens on a regular basis, the MH 130 small rotary tiller is built for activities such as the preparation of seedbeds (for instance grass seeding) and the creation of furrows for planting flowers, small plants and vegetables.

Its versatility means that the Oleo-Mac small rotary tiller can also be used with roller brushes to remove dust, grass cuttings and debris from porches, patios and steps. The rotary tiller can be pushed and used to clear pavements and walkways thanks to the 180° reversible handlebars. The standard model is supplied with a set of 4 blades, yet the rotors can operate with only 2 blades, thereby permitting work between narrowly spaced rows of plants. The blades are easy to attach and remove, without the need to use any tools.

A large range of accessories can be used on the MH 130, including the scarifier which not only enhances aeration of the soil, but also removes moss and weeds from the lawn surface, or even the ploughshare or furrower to work the soil to greater depth. Furrowers and ploughs are perfect for deep furrowing of hard and uncultivated terrain and to prepare the ground for tillage.

Compact rotary tillers

MH 130

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