Petrol engine chainsaws

Oleo-Mac chainsaws are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of users, offering them a suitable, safe and reliable tool for various pruning, felling and cutting tasks in the woods, in the country and even in the garden. Such as: 

Pruning chainsaws stand out for their light weight, balance and power, which are required during pruning operations and in tending plants, olive groves and orchards.

Compact chainsaws are easy to handle and versatile, making them perfect for minor clearing and limbing tasks in the garden, for cutting small trees and chopping firewood in the garden.

Medium power chainsaws, are suitable for cutting medium-size trees, where tenacity, cutting speed and sturdiness are major requirements to tackle the toughest and most demanding tasks.

Professional chainsaws are powerful machines built for felling, cutting and sectioning large trees.