Robot lawnmowers

Eco-friendly and efficient: the pint-size big-hearted helper for your lawn care activities

Selection Guide

Oleo-Mac robotmowers constitute a practical and intelligent solution for your lawn care activities and they are particularly suitable for the care of confined surfaces of limited size, such as private gardens and small grassed areas.

The distinctive feature of robotmowers is their ability to handle mowing operations completely independently: apart from the installation procedure, performed with a small number of simple steps, the robotmower does not require any other special operations. Once the operating times have been set, the docking station installed, and the boundary cable laid, the robotmower operates independently, keeping the lawn perfectly mowed and tidy at all times.

Oleo-Mac offers two models, designed to work on two different sized lawn areas up to a maximum of 1200 m²: ORION 700 and ORION 1200. The result of the activity of an Oleo-Mac robotmower is always perfect, even in the presence of isolated trees, depressions, footpaths, or masonry features in the lawn area.

ORION 700 is the optimal solution for smaller gardens (up to 700 m²) with obstacles. The exceptionally compact shape of the mower and its low weight allow it to mow even the most hard to reach areas of the lawn.

ORION 1200 is designed to work on larger surface areas (up to 1,200 m²) and on complex shaped lawns, thanks to its longer operating time. This mower can work with two docking stations and deal with different weather conditions thanks to the integral rain sensor. The home function on the docking station makes it possible to return the mower to the station at any time.

Optimisation of time and effort and the guarantee of an ever-perfect lawn surface make robotmowers the perfect maintenance aid, even for the most demanding users.

Robot lawnmowers


Robot lawnmowers

ORION 1200

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Once they have been installed, Oleo-Mac robotmowers operate completely independently on the lawn, returning to the docking station whenever they need to charge the battery.
The exceptionally low power consumption, zero CO2 emissions and very low noise operation make these devices ideal for home gardens, where they can operate during the daytime and nighttime hours as required.

Thanks to the double blade cutting system, the grass clippings are returned to the lawn surface in the form of a natural fertilizer, while the double mulching cutting system reduces the accumulation of dirt and cutting residues inside the mower body. If the gradient of the lawn is greater than the maximum permitted slope, the robotmower will be automatically brought to a stop by the built-in anti-tipping sensor.

An anti-collision sensor allows the robotmower to negotiate obstacles smaller than 7 cm by changing the direction of travel. The robotmower is also equipped with an anti-theft device with PIN code and audible warning signal to prevent unauthorised use. All the robotmowers are equipped with smart network-connected micro components to allow fully automated operation.


1.The double mulching cutting system reduces dirt and debris build-up inside the body.

2. The anti-tipping sensor operates when the gradient limit is exceeded (35% in the direction of travel, 40% lateral tilt angle).

3. The Home button returns the machine to the docking station at any time (ORION 1200).

4. A practical carry handle is provided for easy and rapid transportation of the mower.

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5. The anti-collision sensor makes it possible to negotiate obstacles and change direction.

6. Whisper quiet operation and absolute discretion, day and night (ORION 1200).

7. Anti-theft device and audible warning signal to prevent unauthorised use of the robotmower.

8. Automated operation with network-connected micro components.

Maintenance Guide

Keeping Oleo-Mac robotmowers in perfect working order is simple and does not call for any special technical skills. Just follow these 7 simple rules:


  • Check the blades for damage once a week and sharpen them every 3-4 weeks.
  • Thoroughly clean the areas around the wheels once a week using a brush or cloth. Check correct rotation of the wheels and steering action of the front wheels.
  • Clean the robotmower completely twice a month with a brush or cloth; use water if necessary for more thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the underside of the deck once a month.
  • Replace the blades every 6 months or when they show signs of wear.
  • Inspect the electrical contact surfaces periodically for signs or dirt or burns (incorrect charging).
  • Periodically inspect the contacts on the docking station to make sure they are in good condition. Replace the contacts on the docking station and on the robotmower if they show evident signs of burns.